Exporting To Mp3

Hello everybody! I am new here! :)

I am not a professional music guy. Just a hobby. I just stumbled upon a video of ‘Vache’ by Venetian Snares on YouTube. He was using Renoise, so I decided to check it out. It took a while to get used to, because it seemed a bit different from the usual ‘Piano Roll’ but it seems that trackers are good for fast drum programming. Since I am a hand drum player (I play the Indian Tabla, and also the Darbuka) and like drums a lot, I was immediately hooked. I have the demo version of Renoise, but I can see in the manual that there is only an option to export to .wav. How can one export to .mp3?

Thanks for the help! :)

Greets nikki, welcome to Renoise! :)

No, there is direct export to mp3. Currently you ‘render’ your song to a wav file, and then use your favorite mp3 program (e.g. LAME) to create the mp3 from the wav file.

You might want to check the tutorials for the rendering options. What I tend to do, with finished songs, render in full 32bit_float - then master in a different program - keep the 32bit master and make my mp3s from that.

Damn Bantai types faster than me! Well you get the same answer twice!

Jesus, that is a lot of money. Just to use the .mp3 format. Christ.

Thanks for the help guys! :)

But how does this work? If you implement mp3-encoding in a binary, you’re bound to pay the fee? Doesn’t this go for the LAME-binary as well?

This is so interesting. Sorrily my country is based on cracked software industry! I usually use Adobe Audition 1.5 (cracked and fully functional) to convert between different audio formats.

Bantai: Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining things.

As for the subject, I’ve always encoded my music using external tools, but I would rather see ogg (and why not flac while we’re at it?) as alternatives when doing export instead. :)

Would be nice to have export to mp3, not important though of course, for now i use audacity to convert to mp3’s and that works great.



1.52 billion dollars?! Oh my! Are you sure about the price? :o

That’s what’s happening to Microsoft

Use LAME to encode mp3

Yeah. Thats cheap!

+1 (who needs mp3 anyway :P)

yes, OGG export with tagging (author, album, genre) would be interesting