Exporting To Separate Track - Volumes

when rendering tracks to separate file, the volume of each track is just like when you solo tracks in a Renoise project or it is normalized?

I’m tryin to export and mix the track in Reaper (at my friend’s house) but if i play all the parts in Reaper one for each track,the master goes way over 0 db

on the master of the Renoise project i use just the maximizer device

on Reaper i’ve tryied to put a maximizer but the sound is still very distorted…

Could you please explain how can i export the tracks with the volume of when i solo the tracks in my renoise project?

When you render each track separately, the master fx will not be applied, so the volume of each track’s .wav file will be whatever volume that track is before it reaches the master. If your tracks are loud as hell before they reach the master track, then they will also be loud as hell (and probably clipping) when you render them separately.

To get a better idea of what each track might sound like when rendered separately, you should disable the maximizer on the master track.

You could possibly try to put an individual maximizer on each track in this case, to help keep the levels under 0dB.

Doesn’t the Track Headroom also come into play? Or is that Rendered?

It does.

If your track headroom (in Song Settings) is -6dB, then your rendered tracks will be at a base level of -6dB.

It’s important to understand that we do not perform any normalisation here. So if you’re still pushing your track level way into the red, then the -6dB headroom isn’t going to be much help, and you will still get a clipped render.

The “headroom setup” of my project is set to 0 dB and not the default -6dB

It is still strange though that even with maximizer on the master track off, i’ve got this pure sine bass track going very high in the meter but i’m not hearing any distortion…

When exporting that track the distortion is very audible

i’m goin to provide an example soon

audible in ordinary players or in Renoise as well? Not all players use the overhead information saved with a 32-bit wav file.
If you export to 16 bit rather than 32 bit for example, you would not even have that overhead data saved so the result will distort everywhere.