EXS istruments import

Please, update http://www.renoise.com/tools/additional-file-format-import-support
Such brilliant tool is not ported to Renoise 3 :(

Maybe you can ask MXB, the tool creator if he can update this tool.

I personally want his integrated ‘freeze track’ tool to be updated, but he doesn’t seem to be active anymore :(

Inactive, or just very busy! :)


Many thanks in advance if you get the time mxb!


And thank you. :walkman:/>

I second the update request. Since renoise now supports velocity layers which are presented in AKAI, would love to see full AKAI import capabilities.

Manwe, greetz :)

I’m afraid there is a lot of functionality missing in the Renoise sampler right now to achieve this. A lot of information would get lost during the import. But I certainly agree, once the Renoise sampler is more advanced, it would be nice to have such an import feature.

Well, for me AKAI import would be fine if:
— different loop points for left and right channel would be supported (which can be achieved now by putting samples to overlapping zones and panning them to L & R; never seen multiloops in AKAI sCD so ignore them.
— velocity zones which are already supported.

Since there’s no same FX on Renoise I’m fine dropping AKAI sCD FX setting altogether. Importing program settings to Modulation would be fine though.

yes mxb, please update for 3.0!