Ext Midi Only Plays Back One Program

I’m very new to sequencing, have played with Rosegarden and LMMS, and discovered Renoise yesterday. I am trying to use soundfonts with renoise, specifically fluidr3_gm.sf2

I’m loading that through qsyth, and using Jack to connect the Renoise Midi Output to the Fluidsynth Synth Input Port.

Pressing Z sounds off the note, and changing the program number on Instrument Settings -> Ext. Midi reflects the proper instrument being played.

However, I am trying to lay down two tracks, with each track having a different ext. midi sound e.g. track 1 is piano (program 1), track 2 Kalimba (program 108).

Upon playback though, only the last changed program will sound. I.e. whilst track 01 and track 02 will play, the sound output from both tracks will be Kalimba,

Really new to jack/fluidsynth - may have gotten my terminologies incorrect! This is with the demo version, btw, on Ubuntu 10.04 amd64

Thanks for any help!

From the way you describe your problem it reads as if fluidsynth is not multitimbral which would mean that you can only play one preset at the same time.
Though closely analysing your screenshot i notice you are sending your info on Channel 1 and i suspect you are doing this with the first instrument as well, but that usually doesn’t work in MIDI land. Each instrument should have its designated channel so that the program can distinguish the messages for which instrument the midi signal is. So my first advise is to send the data for the other instrument on Channel 2 and assign program 108 to channel 2 input in FluidSynth if you can.
If you can’t assign your second instrument to a different channel in FluidSynth, then the first suspicion became true and that would mean you need another instance of FluidSynth and in there pick another program and assign that one to a different channel (and perhaps you would have to arrange the link from Renoise channel 2 to the secondray fluidsynth channel input 1 in Jack).

Hi vV!
Thanks for the help! I tried setting the instruments to different channels as suggested to no avail.

However, I created another instance of fluidsynth as recommended, and connected the 2nd instrument to it, now it seems to work as expected! Rocking!

Also tried setting up dssi and fluidsyth dssi (took a fair while to sort out dependencies) but that did not work very well, and kept causing Renoise to crash.

Thanks vV, that was much appreciated.

Best regards.