Extend Pattern Effect To Xxxxyyyy

Or make that adjustable - because it would actually be cool to just have 0-F sometimes (the equivalent of using volumes like 60,40,20,10 all the time, or crude panning). And if you want, you can go nuts (0xFFFFFFFF)

And also display them graphically, AKA vertical automation… (then the numbers, depending on the “resolution” (the number of digits), could be an approximation of the actual value (which always has the highest resolution), while the automation curve would obviously always display the actual value)

oh the joys and multitudes of joyness it can us bring!

If you just want to use 0-F, or 00-FF, it would be as simple as using the first one or two columns from the left and ignoring the last 2-3.


That’s like saying let’s have all note columns enabled all the time, just don’t use them if you don’t need them…

That’s what we do now with effect commands. I have no problem with collapsible digit columns, but if users are that concerned with saving screen space now, I’m surprised that these sort of suggestions hadn’t cropped up earlier. Maybe they have? I don’t know.

I do suppose with columns dedicated to specific parameters, considerably more screen space could be saved with collapsible digit columns.

It’s also a matter of straightforwardness.

It sucks to say 0-80 for volume and panning, 0-FFF for these effects, 0-FFFF for those effects, and 0-FFFFF for those two effects that really need it… let’s just have everything from 0xF to 0xFFFFFFFF and be DONE* with it. Simplify, generalize. (I mean that codewise, obviously Renoise would become more powerful, and gasp more complex as a result of that)

  • (and solve that elegantly GUI-wise… speaking of that, maybe tracks could do with a panel for these things, that pops up when you click a button and vanishes when you click outside of it - something that is slightly more than a right-click menu if you catch my drift)

I think a pattern effect mapper with a “restore factory preset” function could do it without running into the space issue.
It could be accessible from menu bar, maybe in the edit tab.

It could function something like the key/midimapping does in ableton live.
Toggle effect command map, click the slider => prompted to enter effect command; you type eg. “0AXX” or “AXXX” or “00AX” depending on whether you want high medium or low resolution.

With the current hexadecimal characters this gives the user the choice of 16 slots with 4096 resolution, 16 with 256, and 16 with 16.

But wait! There ARE 20 spare letters on the keyboard so why not leave these user defineable keaping the old (and beloved) hex commands “hardwired”.

Aside: Is 4096 considered smooth? It would be for my purposes.

So using the 20 spare letters H-Z to define the effect and hex 0-F to change the parameter:

  1. 20 slots @ 4096 [H—]
  2. 20x20 = 400 @ 256 [HH–]
  3. 20x20x20 = 8000 @ 16 [HHH-]
  4. 20x20x20x20 = 160,000 “simple” on off/ toggle type commands [HHHH]

All of the above 4 resolution “classes” could have their own colour , any parameter mapped to one would turn that colour and hovering mouse would, as usual, show the pattern effect command.

And all of this without clashing with old hex commands or rebuilding gui (too much)! :D

That last bit is pure awesome, but 5 columns would make it awesomer :D

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I did, but I noticed I need more fx resolution so I came here ^_^

Speaking of pattern effects… I’m dreaming of a programable patterneffectscolumn (loong word there).

What I mean is that with some certain basic commands can be connected to a effect command in that column. Kinda like Visual Basic where you can associate a button with some code… then you could actually make your own effect to act like YOU want to.

Does it make sense or am I just being redundant?

i would personally wish all caps be removed. along with allowing the modulation metadevices their own tab area (like the mixer) with support to full-duplex control links into each tracks DSP pane. thus allowing commands free reign to an fro. a new meta device would be needed as a routing interface of sorts. to allow this “control send” the ability to have this free reign of control.

somehow I just reread wha I wrote an relize onlt the 1st sentence has anything to do with the topic of this thread. :)
I should totally be at work! okay I’m going!

i’m sorry if this has been mentioned before, i’ve been away from this forum for a while (making music :rolleyes:).

i think this could be super useful for the offset command. i work mainly with drum breaks samples and they’re not synced -i know there’s a “sync” option for samples, but i’m talking about those little/almost imperceptible mistakes that make it difficult to match a single drum hit to the pattern editor “grid”. there’s no way to solve this issue within renoise or any other tracker (maybe “unwieldly tracker” in buzz, since it gives you a more detailed offset command; but in renoise you have the advantage of the sample editor and the offset ruler at the bottom to see which hit goes with which hex value).

Reading the thread clicked an idea, maybe it was already proposed, if so - excuse me for doing it again…

I had my share of fasttracker years and i was using tracker effects heavily but with vsts and progress in technology I rarely use them anymore, except for ocassional 1xx 2xx 5xx etc commands, but the song
is not filled with them anymore, and I often use automation of parameters instead and mostly of vsts - yet
I still would like to edit the automation via numbers in effect collumn - and it indeed can be done but I find it little bit complicated - so here is the idea -

Optionable effect columns, in which you pick only one parameter that is going to be tweaked - for example
cutoff of the filter,

imagine something like this :

C-4 04 02 ----

where ---- would be number for that picked effect only, without any letters and resolution of 0000 to FFFF would be more then enough imo !

you could still keep the original effect column intact but if you could add “automation” columns i would be really happy! - mostly you don’t tweak so many parameters and i rarely find myself in situation where i would need to change the effect and even if i added 5 effect collumns this way it wouldn’t bother my visual experience much more than added collumns for notes !

I propose , that new version of internal sampler could be written in a form, that it would feature similar parameters, like “sample offset” “loop begining, loop end” “panning” etc etc etc (making it little bit like vsti)
which would be also mappable to this concept of automation collumn and with which you could dynamically change the setting of the instrument or sample

the picking of parameter could be made the same way you pick parameter when you are in automation window, it works well - i think you would add the collumn, pick target device - and then pick the parameter - and it’s done! - no more letters - just the bigger resolution , that is not making your eyes bleed and no more need of stuff like

01(for instrument) EX (for certain parameter) and only then resolution of –


I love it!

we need more x’s and y’s

It’s all fine and well, but I’d still want the ability to do it the old way… sometimes it’s fun to randomize effect numbers all down the pattern and see what happens to the sound

as i said - it would be optional row, while the old system would remain intact… all it would do is that it would be row set for one parameter only