external devices

Istruments set in the right way, i only use midi output

set teh channel and the program.(i know the renosie proram 40 means in external devices program number 41, dont know why but this is how works)

the save a simple song.

if i hit stop two times, the play, all programs are change and renosie get a huge lag, 32 steps after the play random notes are coming then it is try to work and sync fine.

but the programs are wrong… did not work right!!!

in 2.8.2 everything works fine.

i use ASIO drivers as always… and i dont know what is the problem but it is present in 3.0

attach the xrns for test…

interesting, if i start a new song, then set up external midi… things are fine.

when i upen this xrns thing go wrong again…

please dev chek it out. whats the problem…