External MIDI keyboard triggers all VST instruments

Hi all, n00b question. It’s probably been asked a thousand times, but I can’t seem to find it on the forums.

I have a Novation ReMote as external keyboard and can’t figure out how I can set a specific MIDI channel for each different VST I’m using. Here’s two VSTs, one set to MIDI channel 1, the other set to MIDI channel 2.



And the MIDI panel shows my ReMote correctly switches between MIDI channels, instead of defaulting to some kind of omni mode

But whatever I do, the ReMote always triggers both VSTs (both have the yellow square), no matter what MIDI channel I’m selecting on my ReMote. Even channels that aren’t in use by any of the VSTs, trigger them all.


There’s probably something dead obvious I’m missing. Anyone?

I believe the midi channel you set up in the plugin/program tab is the channel that will be triggered in the plugin via this instrument (-alias). Goto the midi tab of that instrument, select your device and the channel you wish to trigger the instrument. I think renoise does mapping of midi channels internally, so you can trigger channel 1 of the plugin via channel 2 from the midi device etc.

There’s probably something dead obvious I’m missing. Anyone?

You just need to head into the MIDI tab and specify the input MIDI port + channel from there.

Like OopsIFly says, when specifying a MIDI channel in the plugin tab, Renoise is rewriting the incoming notes using the specified channel.

This is also a useful feature, but I think it’s unrelated to what you want to accomplish (most plugins does not even make use of channels).

On a sidenote: many MIDI keyboards doesn’t even seem to have a channel selector. It used to be a common feature, but apparently not anymore?