External plugin parameters identification and mapping


I would like to manually edit automations of specific parameters of external plugins or map them to MIDI, but in many cases, they don’t have clear descriptions. Do you have any method for their identification?

Below is a screenshot of the SoundToys Effect Rack that I’m testing, and I’m impressed, but the issue with automations makes me uncertain about purchasing.

Have you tried using the ‘*Instr. Automation’ device to automate the VST Plugin?

Just to make sure, what version are of Effects Rack you using. VST2 or VST3?

And are all of the parameters Unassigned? Or are some of them named properly?

If some of them are named you probably safely ignore the ones listed as unassigned. They might be there because the exact number of automatable controls is not a fixed number for Effect Rack?

I don’t know for sure, but maybe the number of automation slots you need to control the plugin depends on the number of different effects that are loaded into Effect Rack? So there are might be a whole bunch of unassigned ones there to make that possible.

I have the Soundtoys vst2 bundle installed, no Effect Rack. My list for Echoboy, for example, which does have fixed number automatable parameters, looks like this:

you have these points unassigned, because your Effect Rack is empty))) just add some devices and the titles will appear))