External plugin presets/banks

After saving a preset for native effect device, it will be always listed in the preset menu.

Not so with external plugins. It would be great if renoise could remember all presets/banks that have been loaded before.

Unfortunately you cannot load load presets/banks for plugin devices via lua afaik.

I bought the Glitch2 VST for linux and it is annoying having to load my default bank via the file browser each time i insert the effect.

Is there a way?

You can swap fx-plugin presets in Lua that you stored in the fx-plugin its preset array:
local x=1 --change to track containing the fx device
local y=3 --Change to your fx device

You can store 32 presets in the bank and then you can also export various sets from your local preset bank.
This sounds like the fastest solution for you.

However this local preset bank does not persist globally. Say i insert a glitch2 VST-effect and load a preset. The preset appears in the preset list of that glitch2 VST-effect instance. When i add a second glitch2 VST-effect, i would like the preset list to be the same as of the first. But instead, it contains initial empty presets. This seems to be the default behaviour of non-native effect plugins. Is this some linux-only glitch (i use ubuntu)?

So as i understand, the lua API lets me select one of the 32 already loaded presets, but it does not allow to load/save the presets themselves from/to a file…

It looks like Renoise is simply stuffin in the preset bank from the plugin itself, i now understand the root of the culprit.

Well, there is this:

 -> [string, raw xml data of the active preset]  

But Renoise hangs when i try to do something with this.
But you can store that data into a file. (Preferably in a sava_data subfolder of the tools folder that is not your own tool folder else the data gets erased when a new version of the tool is installed on the computers of other users)