External soundcard advice

So I’m considering buying an external soundcard in the $50-$100 price range, because my internal one kind of sucks. I’d also like to reduce the glitchy sounds when I have high CPU usage in DAWs, and just generally improve my computer’s sound quality. Can someone recommend me an external soundcard that’s good for my purposes? I’d like something I won’t have to replace for a while (either from it breaking or from my standards raising) that’s less than $100.

This has no inputs, but is well made, sounds great, and has low latency: http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/dj/traktor-audio-2/

The other sub $100 audio cards are no good… I used to have one of those Audio Dj 2’s… I loved it, but I lost it… Currently I have a cheap Art, its already breaking, has terrible latency… I’m going to need a new audio card soon!! Arrg!!

Hey Saint! Fancy seeing you here. At the moment I have a Lexicon Alpha. Runs at 24bit 44.1-48kHz. $60-$100. Gets the job done.


If you can afford $50 more than your current budget this thing is beautiful! Up to 24bit 96kHz. I’ll be getting this eventually as it works well with Linux apparently.


I own an Alesis IO2 Express. Main point for me was, that it also has MIDI and many other connectors.
Amazon has it for around $80 currently. Back then, when I searched for one, the alternative in that
price range was the Tascam US122, which is around $90 on amazon now.

Oh shit, hey there Rouwe.

Thanks for the recommendations everyone, I think I’m settling on the Lexicon Alpha.