External synth and effects in renoise

Hi there…

So, I have this Rubix22 usb audio interface, hooked with Renoise 3.2 and a lot of midi for some external synths.

I have a couple of issues I really can’t find the answer too - hope someone here can help me.

In renoise I have pretty much control of everything on my synths, BUT one thing I really cannot get around is, how I get #LineInput so it works pr. channel, and not doubling the sound if I add two of them to two seperate device chains. I have tried the Midi Return Mode in the #LineInput, but with no results.
So, How do I setup external synths using midi via the Rubix22 to have dedicated #LineInputs pr. channel/instrument?

The Rubix22 is connected to my laptop via USB, and I maybe I got it wrong, but I though that sound from the Rubix22 was also send via the USB to my laptop, so I could use effects in Renoise to reverb, distort etc. my synths through Renoise. But maybe I am wrong?
Funny thing ism no matter what I try in win10 sound settings, I can’t get any sounds out of the Rubix22 on my laptop. Am I doing somehting wrong, or can’t this be done?

I have be googling/youtubing for a week now, trying everything with no results, so I really need some help here - and please, something very hands on :slight_smile:

Add. info: All my synths are sending sound out through a mixer, which go in to the Rubix22 inputs. Output from the Rubix22 goes to my sound system.
Version of Windows 10: 1909
Rubix Driver 1.0.7