External VST effects in Redux

For a number of reasons (mainly working with long stems) I have had to make a temporary switch from Renoise, to Cubase + Redux. It is working very well so far aside from when I load up my Renoise Instruments into Redux, they are missing any third party effects from the chain.

I have had a search but it looks like not possible to map a VST directory into Redux - the Plugins/Misc tab is missing from the Preferences.

Is this something that is impossible to implement due to the way Redux works as a VSTi, or something that may be added at a later date? It would be so so useful.

(I know I could go Rewire instead, but its a lot messier to mix than just using Redux which is awesome so far)

Thanks :slight_smile:

eh, redux itself is a vst instrument. you can load the external effects in cubase behind redux. Or do I not understand the question?
If redux supports vsts, so you can redux in redux in redux in redux in redux🤯

Nah, I mean in my library of Renoise instruments I have made and saved, I have effects chains that use both native Renoise effects, and third party effects (e.g. Izotope Trash, for example)

When I load these Instruments in Redux, only the native Renoise effects appear in the effects chain, Izotope Trash for example does not.

Does that make sense?

I suppose I could load the other effects into the cubase channel, but I would have no idea what the settings were without going back into Renoise, checking the instrument, noting the settings etc etc which would be well long