Extreme Glitch, In Sequencer, Has Me Totally Stopped


I hate to make this my first post but it has me completely stumped. Mind, I’m relatively new to both Renoise and audio software as a whole, but I’m pretty confident this is a strange issue.

Background on the problem, I had the demo version for about 80 hours (the nag screen reminded me) because I was waiting to get the first five tracks of my first ever project started in rough before upgrading. A short EP if you will. Yesterday I pushed through and after about 10 intermittent hours of programming had the demo for my final and fifth track. I promptly bought and installed renoise…with…some difficulty. I’m running a Linnux, Indamixx netbook, it sometimes confuses me. But eventually I arrived at a point where I could open Renoise registered to me. I even rendered the track I was working on that night without incident and explored some of the new samples etc.

The problem, this morning I woke up ready to start working on mixxing out the started tracks and doing some more rendering. I opened the first track I wrote and clicked play. The track seams to be stuck at the first line, repeating over and over at break beat speeds but it sounds like something being electrocuted. I can make out some of the timbres I use in the song within the noise so I feel like it’s playing everything in the pattern at once, repeatatively.

I tried other songs, originally thinking it was a transfer issue, songs written on the demo version couldn’t be played in the full version. But that’s not true for obvious reasons, also, the demo songs in Renoise react the same way.

One thing I noticed was that when I hit play the counter in the top right would briefly display the word CHASE, but it stopped doing that after I disabled Transport Support in preferences… I was getting desperate, clicking on anything.

I don’t think I’m missing any mysterious ‘play everything in one line’ button anywhere. So I think it might be an instalation issue, maybe I did something wrong, or not at all.

Nonetheless, please, if anyone has encountered this I’d apreciate a hand.


Looks like something fishy is going on with Jack transport. Are there any other jack apps running? Even if not, disabling “Enable Transport support (master & slave)” in Renoises audio preferences should solve the prob…

I’ve tried this, to no avail. I’m currently checking through my backend, making sure everything behind the scenes is running right. ALSA has been giving me some issues so I’m trying to sort that out.

Well I think I got it sorted. Taktik was correct in that the problem was in Jackd.

Somewhere along the line a connection had been made (I do not remember doing this) so that MIDI through and Renoise Input/Output were crossed up. My guess is that this was creating a feedback loop, thus the repetitive playing of…well, what sounded like everything.

I disconnected that virtual tangle of chords and Renoise happily played through the song.

Thanks for the tip Taktik.

Cheers, CarpentersKeys.