Extreme Piercings....

I’ve seen these kind images before, but stumbled upon them again…


I only have one reply before fainting out: ouch

i dont wanna know how they drink or eat :)

Respect other peoples culture. In this case… I think not. :angry:
That’s just sick!

Ah well. Whatever tickles your tingles. :rolleyes:

I enjoyed the first one. Only because I had my septum peirced with the same type of ring, only those horns on both ends.

Miss that too. Had it done twice. Fell out twice.

When I had my open heart surgery last October they had to take my nipple ring out which looked like shit because they did a terrible job.

Had never healed, despite me getting it early '2000!

wow, what a bunch of f****ing retards

this shows clearly how stupid an human being can become when he has a belief

Yeah- I can understand the whole cultural difference thing, but why a psuedo crucifiction? I mean the way I figure is if they are going to do the deed, then finish it in full. Three days of hanging after a much harsher ass kicking- otherwise it just kinda seems like a silly mockery. I can imagine this guy going home thinking he’s all cool like Jesus and shit :lol: . Like the nailing of the feet, why nail through the webbing of his toes? Just doesn’t do the trick for me. :(

pain can be good, but this is just insane!!!

and what has this with christian culture to do?
im getting sick of it all…

i wish ppl didnt so dearly feel the neccessity to display the result of their 2 dimensional thinking.

This is for a Vegetarian festival?!

Vegan straight edge extreme body art, it all makes sense now.


I really don’t care as long as they’re doing it to themselves. I didn’t have to click on the links, I didn’t have to watch the pictures of them inflicting the pain toward themselves, and I sure as hell won’t judge something totally not my concern.

Just hope I can keep up with those words when I’m as provoked as some of you guys obviously are. :P

the part that makes your comments more than just valid.

is how we all know that during the cursifixtion, jesus was led miles through massive crowds of ppl expressing only hate for the guy. the humiliation of all the various things they did to him while on that path, along with the constant prodding an kicking from the guards.

what makes their excursion so vain an pretentious, is how clearly its a controlled enviroment.

wonder what jesus would think.