Extremophile (You're a star)

Latest track I did with Renoise / Linux:

If you have suggestions concerning the mix please let me know… Always happy if I can improve something :slight_smile:


I really dig this track. Listened to it with my reference cans.

Might just be me, but that hi-hat (?) echo is panned a little right ear heavy. Only critique I have, unless that is intentional, in which case it just stuck out to me.

Thanks! I’ll look into the HH… it’s slightly panned right and it could be the delay is more pronounced on the right too.

Hi again,

do you mean this HH sound?

Cheers and thanks!

Sorry for the late reply. Yep, that’s the one.

Listening to the track now, it stands out less to me in the whole mix.

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Thanks, I think I will leave it like that for a while …
… just started with another track this evening:

Do you have a Bandcamp? (Or anything like it?)

Really enjoying these tracks.

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I only have the soundcloud page at the moment. Glad that someone likes it :smile: