Extremophile (You're a star)

(lilith) #1

Latest track I did with Renoise / Linux:

If you have suggestions concerning the mix please let me know… Always happy if I can improve something :slight_smile:

(Jesse Schilling) #2

I really dig this track. Listened to it with my reference cans.

Might just be me, but that hi-hat (?) echo is panned a little right ear heavy. Only critique I have, unless that is intentional, in which case it just stuck out to me.

(lilith) #3

Thanks! I’ll look into the HH… it’s slightly panned right and it could be the delay is more pronounced on the right too.

(lilith) #4

Hi again,

do you mean this HH sound?

Cheers and thanks!

(Jesse Schilling) #5

Sorry for the late reply. Yep, that’s the one.

Listening to the track now, it stands out less to me in the whole mix.

(lilith) #6

Thanks, I think I will leave it like that for a while …
… just started with another track this evening:

(Jesse Schilling) #7

Do you have a Bandcamp? (Or anything like it?)

Really enjoying these tracks.

(lilith) #8

I only have the soundcloud page at the moment. Glad that someone likes it :smile: