Exyy CMD where I can offset any of the instrument's modulations

Not sure if this popped up yet but it would be interesting and neat if you can offset the individual instrument’s Modulations for some unique sounds. This is especially effective when doing portamento. Not looking to adjust the individual Modulation DSP devices. x would represent either Volume, Panning, Pitch, Cutoff (or whatever type of filter you’re using), Reso, Drive. y would represent the offset value.

sweet move

Sounds a lot like the envelope offset (Exx) command to me.

That one works globally, affecting all domains (pitch, pan etc) and is implemented as a “duration-based” percentage of the total.

Let me try to explain that last part:

Imagine you have two fader devices - one is an abrupt slope down (50 ms), the other a gradual fade over 5 seconds.

If you enter E80, this will effectively trigger both devices from their halfway point -

which will result in otherwise “unreachable” combinations, as the quick slope usually is done before the slow one even starts to decay.

Edit: ah, Exx command was not an unknown (I misread the topic title). Yes, individual control could indeed be interesting to have :slight_smile:

The problem with this proposed command is if I want to individually control one specific modulation or command set of modulation it’s impossible because of the Hex numbering limitation of 16. x and y has to be swapped to get that effect, but in return your offset resolution becomes smaller.