Ez Drummer And Plugins

I’m very new to all of this and i can’t seem to figure out how to make ez drummer work with renoise 2.1

how do i install and get plugins to work? i also have drumkit from hell but can’t get it going either.

help anyone?

Well, I don’t know EZdrummer in detail, but i suppose it’s some sort of drumsynth which means that you might want to use it as an instrument, right?
First of all, you have to tell Renoise where to find VST plugins:
Edit -> Preferences… -> Plugs/Misc -> Set a path to where your VST .dlls reside (if you’re using windows)
Rescan the dircetory/driectories or restart Renoise (it’ll scan them at startup).

Choose an empty instrument slot and hit the “Instrument settings” button in the lower left area of the RenoiseGUI, click the “down arrow” in the line “Instrument” in the “VST Instrument Properties” panel. A list of all your installed VSTI should appear, so you can select “EZ drummer”. Hopefully it’ll work then like a sample based instrument; hitting any keys should make some noise… :wink:
When you hit the “Ext. Editor” button, you can also use the intrument’s native gui.
I hope that answers you question… as i mentioned, I don’t know EZdrummer and therefore it might work differently.

thanks plasmaniac. that was extremely helpful, i just have one more silly question.

you may not be able to answer this for me because of your unfamiliarity with ezdrummer…

so apparently ezdrummer has drag and drop, pre programmed drum sequences but when i try to drag and drop the grooves into my pattern editor a window pops up that says "do you want to save the changes to untitled.xrns? wether or not i click yes or no the groove does not appear in the pattern editor.

my question is: where do i drag and drop the grooves to? i can use the keyboard to enter single drum hits into the pattern editor but i want to use the premade grooves…

You can’t drag and drop the MIDI clips to arrange in Renoise, it tries to open them as a new song.
I made a feature request about this somewhere on the forum…

For now, you can edit them all together in another DAW and then import, or do what I do: Program beats from scratch, or when feeling lazy; use EZDrummer in Reaper rewired to Renoise…

Drumkit from Hell is the name of several products, I’m going to assume you mean the Drumkit from Hell EZX which is an expansion for EZDrummer. To use this renoise, load EZdrummer as above, open it’s GUI with the “Ext. Editor” button and at the top where the names of the drum kits are, click and select DFH.

alright! thank you!!

Ez drummer price dump. including a free expantion! … seems like a great deal.