Ezdrummer Weird Cymbal Choke


I use ezdrummer in renoise 2.7.2 and i have a problem. I get cymbal and ride chokes when playing my song. I did not have this issue with renoise 1.91. Its kinda random.
Sometimes it starts to choke in the middle of the song, sometimes later in. When it do start to choke…there is no turning back.

Replacing the cymbals and rides do not work. Reload the song do not work. Reload ezdrummer do not work.

So… i am pretty sure it has to do with the latest version of renoise. I bought the Nashville drumkit and i love it, but this “bug” is forcing me to stick with Metal Heads instead (Metal heads does not have this bug!)

To clearify:

All my ezdrummer drumkits works like a sharm in renoise 1.91.

Bugs in Renoise 2.7.2:

Original Ezdrummer kit: cymbal and ride choke bug.

Metal Heads: Works like a sharm. No choke bug.

Nashville: Cymbal and ride choke bug

Have you fumbled with the Static Buffer settings in the plugin options? ([?] n the upper right corner)

hmmm weeeeiiiiird. It seem to work now! :blink:

I did nothin. lol. Well… thanks for the respons vV =D