f****in Ready!

I just finished this production, unsure about the mastering… What’s your opinion on this one? :blink:


f*ckin Ready

Genre: :w00t:

As always very nice sound, and a cool atmosphere :P

Tho im not sure this is breakbeat :)

i dunno what else it could be.


man, what are you doing?? who will pay for my exploded speakers? :)

Killer track, good work.

My only complaint is that there are too many vocal samples. Let the music speak, not the voices. Also, maybe a little too much reverb for this style, and it ends up sounding a 'lil muddy. The space you play this in will air it out for you, don’t saturate ahead of time.

Again, really like your solid sound … yet I also think it’s too spaceous …
Dunno, at times the track tends to float around aimlessly, searching
for a direction … yeah …

Dude, I miss a flow here … some funky logical build-ups, break-downs …
Something to seriously get that crack-rush groove going …
Yeah, this track needs a more solid composition in my opinion …

Nice sounddesign though !

wow great feedback guys :)

see… i thought that after hearing this track 100x over and over… changing something everytime i play it… it was time to just call it finished and let others have a look at it.

i agree with BotB’s feedback about the composition… this is now like some powerful party music… but the song has more potential… needs a more solid structure. That also includes more care for the vocals when to use them and when not. But it’s not that ppl hate this song, so maybe i’ll just stop improving it and call it a day, depents. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Late comment:
I was surprised by Conner calling for less voices on that one… as far as I could tell, I would have called in MORE voices… or at least with a louder volume or something like that…because actually I hear some voice somewhere like in the background rather than coming up and building some “rhythmic jokes”… :huh:
Anyway the track sounds good :)

Thanx Parsec

Check this out, I’m so happy with this review from the breakbeat maista Chokai himself from 3bass.com

:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:
I think i have to leave the room now

I gotta quote some other guy, this is very good propaganda for the power of Renoise: