Faderport 8 on Renoise


Just bought a Faderport 8 DAW controller. Works fine with my other DAWS (Reaper, Studio One), but I was wondering how to make it work on Renoise. Anyone having tips,or suggestions?

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Mario Reijnen

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up ^^

Nobody having experience with this?

I never used it, but it looks like it has the Mackie control standard (MCU) so you could probably use the Duplex tool right off the bat maybe? Duplex has one generic layout included. If you need to tweak it then you’d have to roll up your sleeves

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Tnx for the reply. This worked partial. I can use the MCU in Duplex. Most controls are covered then. For the others I’m working on a customization. Will share if done. Probably other users can bump in to this too and can use it.

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