Faderport Controller Demo Videos

Controlling Renoise FX using FaderPort:

Controlling Renoise Pre/Post Mixer using FaderPort:

[center]So is that a motorized fader or is that just time lapsed?


yes… motorized, precise and fast. It’s a professional ALPS fader. And pretty quiet, too.
That is the thing that made the FaderPort so attractive for me.

For more details see Google Code project:

Or the Renoise Tool page:

The movies mention “bidirectional”. The Presonus is a motorized fader.

[center]Sorry guys, lol i was watching th evid at work with no sound and minimized window as to not get busted slacking lol… this is TOTALLY AWESOME! This is something I totally need in my setup… it would make my experience and workflow a while lot better <3


Sold. Buying one tonight. $160.00. DONE AND DONE <3


nice to hear … you’d probalby be the second Renoise user beside me :wink:
why not order the device it for example from the big T and test it. You have 30 days money back warranty.

On the other hand: I’ve planned to add a virtual GUI to the driver for testing and evaluation purposes.
Like those GUI’s which are provided by Duplex. Shouldn’t be to hard to implement.


That’s just too odd… i mean… you can control the mixer! WITH MOTORIZED FADERS TO PRESETS! Like… this should be on EVERY RENOISER’S NEXT TO BUY LIST!!


^_^ at least I would buy a second if my first one got damaged ;-). I love the workflow it provides.

But I think it also depends on what’s your focus, and what’s your working-style.
Some people probably have more use for a launch pad than for a mixing tool.

To speak for myself: I’ve a strong focus on mixing and sound design, and right now
the FaderPort is my complete space-saving “hardware mixing console”.

But one thing that should not be forgotten:
though it can control an important subset of Renoise functionality, you can not do “everything” with it (e.g. no instrument editing and so on).
Right now it has a clear defined purpose / focus.

The manual provides more details: http://airmann-faderport-driver.googlecode.com/files/faderport_manual_1_0.pdf

Another alternative would be the Frontier Alphatrack. There’s a guy called MXB who evelops a driver for this controller.
For example his current integration also focuses on instrument/sample editing.

Yup, we have approached the controller differently during the development of our tools.

I’ve tried to make it more useful as a secondary input device (e.g. AlphaTrack and midi keyboard use away from the screen / computer) as it has its own LCD screen. It helps me enormously when trying to look at tiny numbers on my netbook. :rolleyes:

AlphaTrack tool is here

Although I think the videos are the only real way to show the usefullness of either of them. Only the AlphaTrack doesn’t have any videos as I have no equipment to record them. :huh:


Hey Martin :-),

at least for screen-recording there exist some freeware tools. E.g. google for “Licecap”.
Or maybe you can use a cheap webcam ?