Faders moving slower with high DPI mouse

This is really odd: was /am using Renoise quite a lot and this was never obvious to me. Somehow the faders (e.g. volume faders in the mixer) are moving much slower than my mouse is moving normally. It seems that the movement is slowed down on purpose to better control the fader position.

I just tested Renoise 2.8.1 and there it’s different, i.e. the fader moves as fast as my mouse (without moving the fader). Actually I like this behavoiur more. I have my mouse set quite fast and the distance I have to move to go from volume 0 to max. volume is quite large (3-4 cm). Without holding the fader I have to move the mouse ~5 mm to travel the same distance.

This is on Ubuntu 20.04 and it’s the same in Redux.

Windows behaves normal. Guess it´s due to a combination of my mouse which has a button to control the DPI and Linux.

I disabled mouse warping under Preferences GUI Global and it’s fine! Had a similar issue with Reaper. Somehow my mouse behaves like a tablet pen.

Same works for Redux


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