Fading Out A Channel Over 4 Patterns


I’m trying to fade out 2 separate channels over 4 patterns but am having a problem as i can’t work out how to do this! it fades until the end of one pattern, then its at full volume and fading again on the next pattern… how can i make it fade slowly over the 4 separate patterns?


Are the four patterns all the same? Need unique patterns, then you can do a quarter ramp in the automation (or pattern effects) for each one.

Although smoother results can be obtained by using a Custom LFO on One Shot set to the right speed and triggered at the first pattern. The last three could even be copies of the same pattern that way as well (although personally I always make everything unique to give me flexibility later anyway.)

Multiple ways to Rome:

I’d start in the first pattern, first track to be faded:

draw an envelope, either divide by 4 to determine the ‘end-point’ per pattern or estimate roughly…go to the next pattern (same channel) and double-click volume parameter in the automation editor. This will automatically take the last value from the previous pattern. Than you’ll draw an envelope from set point and repeat the formula till you reach 0 in the last pattern. you’ll have to do this in the other channel as well. Sucks that there is no quick way right now to do it quicker.

Another way is to use the volume column in the pattern editor. Start out with 80, which is the maximum, than fill in the appropriate value in the last step of the pattern and use ‘interpolate’ in the advanced editor. Renoise will automatically calculate the parameters within set extremes (lin or log). You’ll have to repeat this process for each pattern as you can only interpolate per pattern! Advantage this way is that you can select multiple channels and their respective volume columns (helps if they’re next to each-other), so you can interpolate values on more than one channel.

I’ve never tried the onse shot lfo option, sounds smart!

great, thanks for your help guys. i tried the volume column thing before but i cant work out the end value in the first 3 patterns!

ill try drawing an envelope instead.

There is no definitive right or wrong value here, depends on how steep you want the volume to decline.

Why not divide 80 (=maximum volume level) by 4 (= amount of patterns), leaves you with envelopes of 20 per pattern.


  • 1st pattern: 80 on the first step - 60 on the last
  • 2nd pattern: 60 on the first step - 40 on the last
  • 3rd pattern: 40 on the first step - 20 on the last
  • 4th pattern: 20 on the first step - 0 on the last

Do the interpolation in the advanced editor per pattern, calculate linearly or logarithmically. Should work :)

I tend to merge the 4 patterns in to one longer pattern and apply the volume/effects that way.

Will only work if your patterns are =< 512 lines when joined.

I usually just add a Gainer DSP at the end of a channel, set at 0dB and automate the volume drop by hand. Dropping by 5dB to 8dB per pattern, depending on the sound and its role in the track, and let the last pattern drop to INF. But as said before, this is one of many ways. Especially when you want more tracks to fade, you could send both tracks to a send track (temporarily maybe by turning ON/OFF the send device) and automate a Gainer there.