Faihido - Zombies

Faihido recently released our 2:nd song release for 2010, simply called Zombies. Zombies is a playful genre-crossing song with elements from Chip, Electro, Hip Hop and Pop. Or Chip Hop, as we choose to brand it.

With no further ado, here is the direct link to an MP3:

Faihido - Zombies.Mp3

The song is 100% composed in Renoise.

Who are we?

Faihido consists of Mathias Holm (CliveR) and Sebastian Holm (~ Dj BarS etc). We are oldschool trackers originating from the Amiga- and later on the PC tracker scene. We where behind music groups such as Artificial Intelligence and La Familia on the PC scene, before we founded Faihido. More information are available on our homepage, www.faihido.com.

Good bits: 1) I like the way you handle your chipsounds. You obviously know what you’re doing in this respect. Also, I like the snare. It’s big.
Meh bits: 1) the vocals are a bit weak (sounds like you’ve tried to copy the slightly whiney Gorillas style singing, but you don’t quite pull it off. More practice = more confidence = better vocals.) 2) There should be more hooks. Also, this is not as genre-jumping as it seems from your description. Rather than mixing hip-hop and chip-tune elements, you simply present a chip-tune in a hip-hop tempo. A more eclectic mix of sounds would be more interesting.

EDIT: I am being extremely nit-picky now. It’s good stuff, really.

This is really well done. I like the tones, and the overall composition. You guys are good!

The singing adds a surprise element, and the solo beginning at around 2:40 really takes it over the top.

You would be surprised to learn that the vocals is done with a cheap headset costing a mere 9 euros, I guess. I really need to invest in a good microphone. Its just that I have never seen myself as a singer, and therefore never got around to get a good mic.

The basic song idea, the bass and the chip lead, is Sebastian’s work. It was a pure chip tune song idea, which I added beats, vocals and some other elements to.

It is always good to get feedback, positive and negative :)

Renoise is a fantastic tracker.