Failed To Open Mme Midi Device

Hi, I searched around, saw a topic or two related to this but I didn’t understand any of the answers so it might be better to ask again and get a dumbed down explanation I can understand.
I have an LPD8 pad I use that’s not being recognized by Renoise. I get the error message “Failed to open the MME MIDI device ‘LPD8’!” upon starting Renoise with the LPD plugged in. I also receive it when I go into preferences and select ‘none’ for MIDI devices and then select ‘LPD8’ again. Renoise has previously had to problem recognizing the device, I don’t know exactly what I did to change anything. Any help I could get with this problem would be great.

What OS are you running, system specs, Renoise version etc?

I have a LPD8 here and it works fine on windows vista 32 bit.

This will happen with many devices on Windows as soon as they got opened in another program too. On Windows usually only one program can open a MIDI device.

Windows 7, 64-bit, Renoise 2.7

Oh okay, I was using it in pd-extended, all I had to do was close out and get Renoise to re-recognize the LPD8! Thanks!

I am getting the Failed To Open Mme Midi Device for the Keith McMillen K-Board.
Can anyone help?