Failed to Parse XML File -- PLEASE HELP


I have been working on a few songs lately and every once in a while my plugins will crash, I will get some message like “failed to write XML, try saving under a new name” and when I do, I get the same error. So I close the Renoise file, thinking I can open it again from my last save and begin working from there, but then I get this message:

And cannot open the file again, thus I have lost ALL MY WORK. I suppose I should save versions of the files, but why is this happening? And how can I recover these files and all my lost work? Please, somebody help, as I have lost a ton of work like this, and do not want it to happen again.

I know it is because of a plugin failure (weird version of Omnisphere), but why does the whole song get fucked up every time a plugin crashes? And how can I recover my old work? It doesn’t make sense…

Renoise doesn’t necessarily crash if a plugin does so, but if a plugin crashes, it simply takes its host along. all Renoise does or can (try to ) do in such cases that it detects it, is trying to prevent worse from happening allowing you to try to save a backup copy (definitely rename your song if you attempt to save after a plugin crash, else… well you have experienced else)

you could try a zip-fix program on the xrns and hope that the song.xml can be recovered.
The only other prevention option i could point to is this: