Fall Down (unfinished)

Hi all. Sitting at home with a broken ankle has led me to get on with a bit of tune writing, I’ve started & stopped a few now, but I’m happiest with this so far. (it should be the 1st song that starts playing)

It definitely needs a better mixdown, and more variation in the breaks throughout, but trying to approach structure first, then do the fiddly bits :)

Some motivational comments would be welcome! Thanks for listening.

This ain’t bad at all, sticks to the genre solid. But what would make it amazing? Think about that. Variety will only make it sound more pro, as well as better mix - but hell do we need another pro sounding song? No.

Go weird. Add something unexpected. Like a big thing over top. Unsynced. Drifting, melting and disorientating.


(as you can see, left caps on)

I’m curious to see what it’s gonna be like with some more ‘unpredictable’ breaks in there, but I don’t really want to disturb the flow of the tune that much. I’m also thinking something like an irregular stab in there might help it along a litte - I need something to make it darker, more menacing - so working on that too.

BROKEN ANKLE TRACKIN RULZORZ. Get a virb account much better bitrate supported in the player then shitty myspace…
Drum & bass right? Hella build up, yes yes…finally beats & bass. Funky shit within the conventional rules of teh genre. Don’t be afraid to totally go out of boundaries, the arpy trance synth for example sounds a little pansy IMO. I wouldn’t worry much about mixdown, first ask yourself about the choise of sounds and how they fit together. Experiment with the structure, there are tons of generic drum & bass tracks already. Nice start.

I’ve put a newer version up on my Virb account now, along with 3 other Renoise tracks (all in the ‘new stuff’ album). It’s a little longer, but still in need of a little tidying - just let me know if I’m heading in the right direction or if it’s any worse. This tune has been like eating slop for 2 weeks, and I’m almost sick of it!

link in signature.

Thanks for feedback :)

more or less finished version up now!

wow you did a lot of work on it, all sounds good to me, maybe make the intro a bit shorter, overall it keeps being interesting and makes me wonder where it will take me , suppose thats a good thing :rolleyes:
think it needs just a few more elements but really coming along niiiiice. just leave it be for a few days and start with fresh ears and ideas etc blahblah good work.