Fallout 3

my savegame is 50 hours or so in.

…? Didn’t that just come out a few days ago?

Me, me, me, I am. I was skeptical about the whole VATS thing, but it actually works really well.

I’m hopelessly addicted, haha. I’ve racked up about 63 hours so far (in 6 days), and I’m almost at level 21. I’ve barely even touched the main storyline, I’ve just been having way too much fun exploring and doing side quests. There’s so much cool shit to discover, so many interesting characters scattered around the world, etc.

The game itself is a little bit buggy though - I’ve seen lots of misplaced/floating objects in the map, I’ve seen parts of people (guns, armour, etc) hovering mysteriously in front of their body as they walk, and I’ve had people in quests who simply don’t appear where they should, etc., but most of the problems seem to figure themselves out when some other action occurs, or if I leave the area and come back.

The most annoying thing so far is that I’ve had a handful of random crashes, usually when using VATS or opening a door to another location, where I had to cold reset my PS3. It’s a problem that I also ran into with Oblivion on PC, so I suspect it’s an issue with their game engine rather than my system (though I’ve read that the PS3 is also more difficult to work with for developers).

Anyway, problems aside, it’s a wonderful game, even if it is dangerously addictive :D

I don’t think I’ve played 10 hours of video games on a single day of my life, ever. Much less for an entire week …

i have kinda moved away from games nowadays… just dont have time for that.

I still play em, but it’s usually between doing other things. That’s why I love my PSP, can play games during breaks at work :D

Still waiting for it to be deliverd on my doorstep. I’ve played Fallout 1 two weeks ago during the weekend and installed Fallout 2 again and started playing that last weekend. Not so far in though. I’m afraid Fallout 3 will eat away lots of time :)

I want to buy it, but I’m resisting because I sort of need to graduate (in nuclear engineering, ironically enough).
I was/am a HUGE fan of the original fallouts 1 & 2. I seriously recomend checking them out for some old school rpg action. They have an atmosphere and style like no other, and I’m glad to see Bethesda kept true to the original.

You could be disappointed NER. a lot of old fallout fans are saying it’s not a real Fallout game and not true to the original.
Its a good game in its own right though.

i’m almost level 10. about 34 hours in :) i agree with dblue, this game is too fun.

as for it not being like fallout 1, 2, or wasteland (the original fallout from the x86 days :P) that’s a load of bunkem.

i’ve literally had flash backs to my childhood when i was 11 years old playing wasteland in 16 glorious colors on my apple ][e as i was playing fallout3.

fallout3 IS the genre personified. the only major difference is the way VATS works as an option, but IMO that’s very very very welcome! i hated that part of the old isometric engine game sometimes combats took hours, scanning the whole massive miles of screen panning the viewport around making me sick to my stomach :)

fallout3 is a great success to quote borat. there are a few bugs but they are so minor and do not get into the way of gameplay like some of the fable2 ones did (as a comparison of bugs in new releases - my friend lost his fable2 save at the spire because he ran in front of the commandant - wtf!).

fallout3 is the most fun i’ve had since orange box :)

i wonder, if the constant drab palette devoid of much saturation will cause the first gamer suicide?

stay away from this game if you are depressed :)

Yeah, I just started reading some comments from “real” fallout fans. You know that no matter what Bethesda releases, the game is going to get criticized by die-hards for not being absolutely identical to the original.
Most of the criticisms stem from the fact that its an FPS, and misses some of the nitty gritty details of the original rpg. It looks much more fun though, IMO.

It’s a bit too Oblivion for my taste… not that I dislike Oblivion, on the contrary!
I wasted so many hours wandering through Cyrrodill that Fallout feels and looks
almost identical, except for the big guns and city ruins.

Mayhap I’ll play this gem when Oblivion lost its grip on my drawbacking mind.

After four days playing this game all day I went cold turkey. I don’t have any problem with “addiction” in my life, except for video games. And this is one game that would seriously mess up my daily life, so it’s sleeping on my hdd until I have a completely free weekend.
And I was a huge fan of FO1+2 and I definately love 3.
The only thing that is creeping me out is that the the VATS-View is so very, very gory. I usually don’t care in videogames (it’s all just vectors and pixels), but it seems abit much in Fallout 3… especially when you land a really hard critical and they like completely explode. Nasty…

amazing game! I’ve done soo much and still only gotten to vault 12 just last night :D I’m at level 12 and about 30 something hours into playing … i think this was a great success as well - i only hope that the release a construction set, as the bethesda modding community make the already great games, amazing.

I finished the main storyline yesterday, but watch out tho, after that you CANNOT resume the game for exploring the other markers on your map. You have to load an older savegame where the main storyline is not finished yet. Kinda stupid tho they should let you resume the game after the main storyline.

anyway i found some neat console commands also.

Go to the “National Guard Depot - National Guard Armory” , There is the modified MIRV gun, same as the Fatman Mini-Nuke gun only it shoots 8 mini-nukes at once per shot :w00t:


Love the game! Twas worth the wait. But…to have a lvl.20 Cap…mehhhh…Frustration…

But I do get why they do that in a way but…meh…20? Come on…

I have some pretty impressive Fallout 2 saves.

But yes. Love the game. About 20 hours in. Love the V.A.T.S. system.

Yeah… I just kinda noticed this myself tonight. I thought I was already on my way to hitting 21, but, despite several more hours of play, I don’t seem to be levelling up anymore. Disappointing :(

i almost finished deadspace… maybe will pick up fallout 3…


I finished Fallout a few days ago in 50 hours. I was kinda rushing in the end, quite a waste. On my next playthrough I will make a whole other character :)

When I first touched Fallout I played nonstop from 15:30 till 05:00… it’s dangerous folks, watch out!