Fallout Love (soundtrack with video) drum'n'bass/dub/free


For a project with japanese video artist Takeshi Furuya, I chose renoise as my weapon of choice to lay a 170 bpm composition to a video that I had edited before. All that you hear except one 808 sample and one sine wave are recordings of: acoustic bass, guitar, voice, flute, fender rhodes, khanjira, tambourine and of course tons of drumset. My setup was ableton hosting the video and renoise being rewired into it for the sound. Each scene in the video was one or several patterns in the matrix and each scene was constructed from scratch, with mostly different spots in the same recordings.

The video & music (warning, contains nudity):

And here’s a “club edit” of that soundtrack, which I prepared for DJing it together with some TeeBee, Machinedrum and the likes the same evening that the movie was premiered.


I was thinking of writing a little “making of”, about the technical aspects, how to work with video etc. Maybe you guys are interested :slight_smile:


Sounds really well made. Love the variaton in drums and the 808 works great! Also bonus points for recording a kit. It’s a tad long for me but I guess that’s for the vid (just listening to the first song)

All in all great track!


I feel the tracks were of high quality, although perhaps too dark for my taste :stuck_out_tongue: nevertheless, the recorded drums sound original and more organic compared to the digital ones I usually hear at drum’n’bass.


thanks a lot guys, appreciate :slight_smile:


Very nice and well made. Really like the mixdown as well. The video is pretty cool too.