Fantastic Sample Editor Ideas

1.Multiple loop points in a sample, and you could set how many times each one looped before moving fwd onto the next loop.

2.The ability to flip a stereo sample so the left is in the right, right is in the left.

3.An option to select the loop.

  1. The ability to edit either the right or left channel of a stereo sample.

5.To be able to copy something and paste it however many times you choose without selecting a new spot to paste.

6.Ping pong copy!!! That would be the raddest shit ever, to copy something forwards and backwards.

Just some things that came to mind editing a sample today. I realize 1 and 6 might be a bit tricky but man that would be so awesome…


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Even (1.) alone is a superb idea. You might take this a step further by not being forced to play the loops in their original order. Like, first loop 3x, second loop 1x, first 1x, third loop 1x reversed, 1x normal…

Now THAT would make for some f00king weird drum loops… :drummer:

But what exactly do you mean by “ping pong copy”?

I agree with 2., 3. and 4.

The rest of them are not important to me. And you can do (some of) them already with the 09xx and reverse command in the pattern.

Even 2. can be done with a VST effect, tho.

c-Row: With the “ping pong copy” I guess he just ment copying some part forward then backward then forward then backward…

yeah 2,3 and 4 are just basic shit that really should be there. whenever I use the 0bxx command to reverse shit, it seems to only trigger twice, would be nice if you could just keep bouning a sample fwds and bwds as long as you wanted.


It does actually trigger as many times you want, bouncing it back and forth between 0b00 and 0b01 (it works here at least). I think the trick is you just have to use the reverse command before the sample has reached its end point (or start point when playing in reverse).

Aha! thanx dblue, I’ve just been using 0b00 and not the 0b01, makes perfect sense. I should probably read a manual for something at some point :)


Damn Aaron, you all up on the Renoise tip now as well? Sweeet, welcome :)
Been forever since we talked, you holding up good?

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edit: Apparently you been all up on the Renoise tip for a while. Curse my ignorance.

selecting a loop is already an option. (ctrl-L) win or (cmd-L) mac

Separate left and right sample editing would be really useful for me too…

and maybe a few different ways to convert a stereo file to mono -

  1. Mix l + r
  2. Just L
  3. Just R
  4. Mix L with R inverted
  5. Mix L with R inverted, then mix L back in (M-S Matrix stuff)

A regular sample invert function could be useful aswell.

I’d also really like the old-skool orange bar annalyser back tbh… I find the new one too erratic and unpredictable… Doesn’t really show me what’s going on, and I know there’s regions in the top end and bottom end that are lying to me.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind the line graph style representation on the sample wave editor, rather than blocks…

So if I could swap the blocks for lines, and the lines for blocks, then that’d be the b’locks. :drummer:

Bump, and

A marker for where the sample “actually” starts, so it can get triggered before it gets triggered in the pattern! Of course this would require that renoise can trigger samples with sample accuracy internally, a feature which then could find its way into the user interface in later releases…

And the length of the sample in seconds and ticks.

It all in fact boils down to one global thing: SCRIPTS ENABLED.
Most of music software companies are selling us fish. I’d rather buy a fishing net instead. ;)