Fantasy computer keyboard


So I’ve been seriously thinking about creating a computer keyboard that resembles the Renoise virtual keyboard layout, which I think is pretty standard in a few DAWs. It’d be useful if you’re travelling and don’t want to drag your midi controller around, and could be a helpful tool for people who can’t afford said midi controllers, or children learning music production.
I was thinking it’d have a small touchpad at the bottom with a button on the side. The button would toggle it between working as a mouse, and a scroll wheel you can use to change velocity on notes.
The picture is a bit rough, but hopefully it gives you an idea. Of course it’d have flashy lights (also a toggle), so you can really highlight the playable notes. The lights can also be used to highlight specific scales if you want to do that.
Would this be something worth pursuing?


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Here’s a slightly better example with the touchpad and controls. Also I’ve selected the C Dorian layout, which now highlights the relevant keys.