Fantasy Music Commission

Hi guys :) I got an email request today for some fantasy music on commission (pay-per-mp3 kindof deal) which I thought I’d post here for anyone who’s interested. Sadly I’ve got my hands full these days and just can’t take on this kind of work any more.

From what I understand it’s for a fantasy game in development (mmorpg) and the developer (Steven Wesner) is after a custom soundrack. If you’re interested you can contact him at to discuss your price and terms.


I am wondering how much it would cost to get a commercial license music piece created by you. I’m an individual game developer and I am planning on working on a unique and original online RPG with the BYOND game developing system.

For a time it’s planned to be free (alpha and beta stages) but at one time I want to charge for the game (single charge, not monthly) and wanted to discuss music in this game with you. There is no huge budget to the project, so a price on the general price per MP3 would be more required then a salary of any kind. It’s also not planned to be popular with thousands of people, so this should be in mind as well.

I definently need fantasy based music, that is a must, and someone who can create a song by merely looking at a picture to give them a setting for the mood.

Thank you,
Steven Wesner[/i]

He should offer his trade as a prize on SDCompo, this has a lot of benefits:the music is being done within a very short time, he can pick the one (or few) he feels that fits the best and the winner(s) get the money ofcourse