Fao Any Dutch: Need Help

in a thread about something else on here, some one posted a pic and I noticed this little box. It turns out to be sweets called “auto drop” from Netherlands, basically. Do they taste good and know anywhere I can buy them?

I’ve looked around allready on google

ut zou verboden moeten worden! :)


Haha… yeah I posted that pic :)

Unfortunately my favorite kind, and the one on the picture, isn’t available on that webshop :(

if you know what they are called, you could always ask if they can order it for you… no doubt they will probably do so.


cheese butterflies :blink:

aha thanks guys

Just cheeze crackers :)

Haha, its just puff paste with a little bit of grated cheese

Exact translation would be carliquorice. Its all kinds of winegum and liquorice flavoured candy in the shape of cars. :dribble:

ok, ordered the zacht wagens (lol)
they look good.

found out the purple/pink one is called ‘total loss’. I don’t really mind which ones i have though.

you should also get these, my fav:

Be warned. Apparently, most of the foreigners that taste “drop”, hate it.

Dutch food is the best: I love Vla