Far Side of the Moon (visuals)

Here’s my latest Renoise song with visuals, surprised to see it has gotten over 600 views without any promotion.


That’s probably because your song has got an interesting title and the thumbnail of your video is good. It’s likely that not everybody would have expected to see a music video after clicking on that title. I experienced the same with for example Target Acquired, hundrets of clicks within a couple of hours. And of course your song is good, too, just like your video. Imho your recent 3 tracks are the best you’ve ever done (from what I’ve heard so far). My personal favorite is “Change”, which is your first song being a little bit different than the typical “Garfonic” style. I really like your development. I also dig the style you’re creating now by using an acid bass. The way you’re using it has changed. And I have to say you did not only improve your music (composition-wise and your mixing as well) but also your videos. :+1:


The overall design is truly consistent

But the melody of the bass could be more universal

some measures have a universal bass melody…and you break this universality

in the chord progression

You are near the perfect

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Thanks guys, it pays off to be cognisant of shortcomings and try improve on them specifically so all your critique through out is very much appreciated, next up is bettering the arrangement…

Popularity of the video must mostly be thanks to the NASA Artemis 1 launch a few days ago though, I’m piggybacking to the moon and back :sweat_smile:

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