Farbrausch Br404

New synth: the Farbrausch BR404
Tested with Renoise (according to the website :slight_smile:


  • many different oscillator waveforms and filters
  • ADSR and freeform envelopes
  • extensive modulation matrix
  • sample exact modulations
    (the main reason why BR404 may use slightly more CPU time than other comparable synths)
  • sample support
  • speech synthesizer
  • PADsynth algorithm
  • custom LFO waveforms per sample
  • 10-band equalizer, Winamp compatible parameter presets
  • multiple instances
  • export song as win32 executable
  • own fileformat (bmf2wav converter included)
  • replay plugin for Winamp (and compatibles)
  • SDK for Delphi 5/7, FreePascal 2.x and MSVC / MSVC COFF library file format compatible products included
  • … and a whole lotta more for you to discover!

(Sounds complicated? I’m looking forward to trying this one out :slight_smile:

After the 5 minutes I spent clicking around in it, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to modify the default sound. do you know of a readme anywhere?

hummm, yeah…I experienced the same problem. After all, we’re talking about a public beta.
But I got it to work by closing the plugin (removing it), and then re-activating it.

PS: The BeRoTracker seems interesting too (same author), have anyone tried it out?

Sounds fun to go through. Thanks for sharing. :)

While unpacking my antivirus complains it contain a TR/Crypt.NSPM.Gen - Trojan.
EDIT: AV app is AVIRA… What’s the best AV these days?

Are you sure it’s not just an insane compression scheme? Demos often trick AV software into thinking that it’s some kind of virus, and this plugin is no different - a lot of functionality packed into very few kb’s.

You’re probably right, but I’m not gambling anyway :P :(

Oooh… I loved the music for their demo Debris. I might have to check this out :D

btw: the debris soundtrack was made with kb’s V2.
like most others, i think that the soundtrack was the weakest link of this otherwise stunning prod.
but it’s okay to have bad taste in music :)

The sound design in Debris blows me away. Thanks for attacking my taste in music btw… much appreciated! :lol:

I am pretty sure it’s not a virus. However the synth lacks a documentation or some presets, I couldn’t figure it out at all. :(

Okay, I have tried it. The AV didn’t detect the virus this time!
It sounds good, but could use a dose of UI friendliness. :)