Farbrausch Vsti Unload Bug And Possible Solve

When I use the Farbrausch VSTi (regardless of version), no errors happen during composing or general usage.
However when I start a new song or try to quit Renoise, then Renoise freezes when this VSTi is used in the song.

When I first delete the VSTi instances from the instrument list in the upper right corner, there are no freezes.

A programmer (Taktik maybe?) could solve this issue quickly on a next release;
simply automaticly delete all instances before initializing a new song.

Farbrausch is a free VSTi which creates a great rich sound, and I really would like to use it without the freeze / file load / new file bug.

Which platform and is it 64-bit or 32-bit platform?

This workaround does not always work and this problem happens in any VST host, not just Renoise: As soon as you are using more than one instances of Farbrausch at once, releasing one of the instances will freeze everything.

We have been in contact with them a long time ago, maybe they released an update in the meanwhile. If not, I’d recommend to contact the Farbrausch crew, so that they can sort this out.

Ok thanks for this info, seems that im lucky in applying the workaround for 1 instance, but never tried multiple instances - good to know that is even more crash prone.
I’ll contact the Farbrausch crew to see if they want to fix it.

p.s. I use 64 bit, Core i7, 6GB ram, Renoise version 2.6.0 registered ( hey I see a 2.6.1 online, lets try that one :D )