Farewell Nin ...

A few days ago I went to see Nine Inch Nails in Luxembourg. It was a great concert (even though they didn’t play Closer, damnit !), but I feel kind of sad to know this is the end. Anyone saw them during their last tour ?

I’m hoping to see them for the first time in their final dates in NYC.

I saw them on Roskilde festival last week. Now, I only have a single NIN album, and don’t know too many of their songs, but I’d still rate that concert 5/5

I saw them last year at Lollapalooza, and a month-and-a-half ago in Chicago on the first leg of this last tour. Just awesome performances both times.

what’s the story?

He’ll be back.

Went to Terminal 5 to see them. They also played at Webster Hall and that place is fuckin tight and small, I’m sure that show blasted everyone. They’re playing again at Terminal 5 tonight I believe.



He stated that it would only be temporary and that he wouldn’t be idle, just not doing NIN related work. My guess is audio for Doom 4.

I’d really like to see him producing/promoting other bands the way he did for NIN in the last few years - ie. independant label, CC licencing etc.

The band played all the tunes I listen to regularly. One tune caught me with surprise… “The Way Out is Through” from the Fragile album. It’s the one album that always surprises me, because there’s some entities in there that I don’t give much attention to. Also, live definitely suits that tune.

They played Downward Spiral in its entirety at Webster hall the night before Terminal 5. Youtube it and you’ll see Trent playing a sax, I believe.

Trent’s significant other, Mariqueen is in a band I believe…


I don’t know if he partakes in it but being a significant other is promotion by default for better or worse-(referring to “Trent quits Twitter”).

He’s in several Youtube clips, apparently a light guy who got his dream gig working for his fav band.

Second night in Terminal 5.

Possible piano tour…