Fasttracker.Xi Instruments

I´ve been searching everywhere for some old Fasttracker XI instruments, mostly for sentimental reasons for use in MadTracker but i can´t find any. Anybody knows where i might find some of this sounds ??


I only found this:
or just convert your own samples with wav to xi 1.4

Thank´s bedawang I´ve been at that website many times before, but i cant download anything from it… :( Going to try wav2xi though, thanks for the help man ! ;) Take care.

why did you need “xi” ? you can always load a wav and turn on volume envelope and voila: a “xi” is born.

That’s strange, no problems here… for your pleasure, I slipped the site into httrack. I give you a bell when it’s done :)

:yeah: Awsome ! Thanx man, looking forward to this ! :lol:

Well I Could could do that, but it still would not be the same… Thanks for replying ^_^

no kidding, why it would not be the same? thats exact the way we’ve created xi’s back in time :)
there is no other way: start fasttracker II, load wav, and turn on envelope. (and maybe set up loop points).

here is my own collection, which i have sampled with an amiga, and later exported to PC and loaded and tweaked
in fasttracker II. 10mb
its a sampled from korg m1 and my c64. if you do some intresting with, please send a link to the mp3 or xm 8)

in renoise you have to set the fadout from 4096 to 512.

Well i´ll be damned :w00t: sounds exectly like good old Ft2 ! I guess I was wrong, well everyday you learn something new… Gonna make me some XI´s now, thanks pvcf :lol:

haha, have fun 8)

all true about the feel, but afaik there’s no way to save them to xi. In fact xrni > xi :)
but as promissed, here are the links providing you with +800 Mb of xi’s for your sentiment.
(excuses, it’s rs, they’re too big for my dropbox)

ft2.part01.rar 87 Mb
ft2.part02.rar 87 Mb
ft2.part03.rar 87 Mb
ft2.part04.rar 87 Mb
ft2.part05.rar 86 Mb

it’s a xi package ;)

never wanna let you go! mirrors up the wazzu and no wait download

ft2.part01.rar (82.59 MB)
ft2.part02.rar (82.59 MB)
ft2.part03.rar (82.59 MB)
ft2.part04.rar (82.59 MB)
ft2.part05.rar (82.32 MB)