I had a little go on Fast Tracker,many years ago.

The way renoise is laid out reminded me about it,i was just wondering if there was a connection?,other trackers seem to be laid out a little different.

Is Renoise a updated Fast Tracker?

Renoise was known as a “Fast-Tracker like music program”. Is undoubtable that its design has been based on the philosophy of Fast-Tracker, but actually its roots are of Noisetrekker, a program by Arguru which code was released to public some years ago.

For the sake of compelteness, Fast-Tracker, like lots of other trackers, based its design on ProTracker.

Anyway, there is no part of Renoise code which is taken from FastTracker, and there is no more trace of Noisetrekker code too.

Ok cool,

Thanks for clearing that up for me :yeah:

Fast Tracker died several years ago I’m afraid, Skale was originally called Fast Tracker 3, but had nothing to do with neither the original designers or code.

Recommended reading:

damn i had to correct errors on wikipedia for my name :)

no i don’t think fasttracker died, it’s still being used in the demoscene… (64k intros, chiptunes, module compos,…)

but it’s true milkytracker is the main oldschool ft2-like tracker now… imho.

Yeah, guess I was a little harsh… ;)

It didn’t die, it just became more of a toy than a tool if you know what I mean.

yeah finally i can get along with you in this =)