Fat Bass?

Ok, so I know that I probably can find this somewhere in this forum but I didn’t find anything and don’t know what to search for…

Anyway, my main problem with creating music (I still haven’t created a full song after years of trying!) is that the bass just sounds very flat and the volume is really low!

I could really go for something like this or this or this one but just can’t figure out how they do it! It sounds really simple but when I try the volume gets really low no matter what I try!

it would help to hear something you made…

I’d recommend getting to know the relatively new native ‘Cabinet Simulator’. I find that it adds instant balls to anything bass-orientated and just like a real amp, provides compression, gain / distortion and eq controls in one hit.

Ok, but how do people do it without that? I haven’t got a good example since I rarely finish and save anything…

Check some of the demo-songs that come with Renoise. Also, start saving your projects man, haha! There is not 1 way to do anything, just experiment :)

Haha, well actually I do save a lot of stuff but most often just one pattern and nothing with bass cause that’s were I get stuck each time! :P

Checked the demo songs, I guess it’s just a matter of maximizers and compressors!

take a xrns that you like and remove the patterns. (: don’t let the production difficulties stop you from having fun. (well, i’m a bit of a hypocrite here i guess since i also often get stuck on these small details)

one of the problems for me is often that i evaluate the sounds when i’m not done with all the instruments in the orchestration. i do think that’s a bad habit since all instruments must be balanced against each other. no use knobtwiddlin’ too much when some of the elements are missing. also, often when you solo a fat bass from a track you like you’ll find that it isn’t that impressive on it’s own. it must be in the right context.

exactly. been having a lot of hard times with basses as well, they seem to be the hardest to achieve properly, and extremely frustrating when you’ve been listening to dubstep and really crave that sound. i find that, in practice, i just skip over the bass because it is troublesome for me, and build my song and leave it waiting for a proper bass. also, i try to use alternative bass-sounds, like sound-fx rumbles or just pitched-down sounds in order to get some low-end to my songs.