Fatboy Slim Interview

This Friday we have Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim on my podcast! What an honour it was to meet the man, spend time at his home and talk about his incredible career.

Tune in at 5PM UK, 6PM Europe, 1PM EST and 9AM PST.

Check back here for a Renoise family early release.

Chris [midierror]


wow, this should be interesting! can’t wait! :slight_smile:

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This is super cool!! You’re my hero man, thank you sooooo much :sunglasses:

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Yeah, what an amazing guy

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Oh thanks, too kind! It was a total stroke of luck to speak to him. Never thought I’d ever speak in person to him.


Heres the secret pre-release link for Renoisers:

Officially going live on Spotify and Apple in 4 hours.


Episode 38, speaking to all-time superstar DJ Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, aka DJ Quentox The Ox That Rocks! A prolific artist known the world over for his big beats, infectious DJ sets and earth-shattering remixes. We discuss the lesser-trodden path of his career; the legendary Big Beat Boutique. a love retro tech (including the Akai S950) and his approach to making some of the biggest tunes this planet has ever seen.

This is now live across all major podcast platforms:!

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