Fatt Bass

I’ve been listening to this chasing shadows tunes a lot recently :



I’m quite good with making fatt distorted basses , I normally have

a couple of detuned saws , maybe a square as well , going though
all the usual processing , Distortion , flange , comp ect …

But I’ve never been able to make anything quite like they do .

Any ideas/tips on how they get there sound would be apreciated .

Sounds indeed like distorted saw/square layered with a sub… nothing really special, maybe some octave-shifts here and there… Trick is resampling all the layers of bass seperately, I guess… And resampling! And resampling again! :)

yeah i thought simalar on the resampling , but even when i try that (maybe i’m just doing it wrong :) I still can’t get the depth that they achive .

i just found this article on pendulums bass sound and he seems to think it’s the way they get it to fit in the mix , using quieter sounds at the start and having a very loud bass kick in and also multiband comps . It’s the multi band comp bit that interests me and how you use em.


fm synthesis… metallic sounds !!
that’s what I start off with, something with lots of midrange

Easy route, sample their bass, filter it, then re-add distortion, effects etc…