Faust Music Creator

Way back in 95-96 when I was a pup dialing up local BBS’s to share files, post messages and play l.o.r.d. I came across the first music program I ever tried out on my computer. It was called Faust Music Creator, made by some guy in Finland. It was a lot like a tracker but you couldn’t use samples, it had a instrument synthesis editor and you had to make your own sounds or use their presets. The demo songs that came with it were a few programmed Iron Maiden songs that I remember sounding soo good at the time. Anyway, I remember playing with it an making little tracks before '97 when I got my mc303 groovebox…at the time I had no idea I was destined to use a real tracker like renoise one day.

Anyway I googled the program and found it, but unfortunately it doesn’t run on my puter now it was for dos and adlib compatitable soundcards which I don’t have now either.

and here’s the doc that I read to learn it. it teaches you a little bit about tracking.

Here’s some more (not very) interesting facts: There’s a hymn among the FMC demo songs which inspired me to write this piece, a medley of religious songs which won the Proxy 1886 Oldskool music compo in 2000. Oh, and I’m also from Finland and my name is also Lasse. :D

To answer the question in the topic: My experience with FMC pretty much limits to the times I launched it between FT2 sessions to check the notes for the first part in my compo tune. :P I didn’t use it “back in the day”, since I was always about the samples and I felt too comfortable with the FTs. Only later I discovered you could actually do something nice with the OPL chip, some of the Edlib demo songs are just fantastic. I should really sit down one day and actually track something serious with ADLiB TRACK3R. But can’t now, too busy with Raster Music Tracker. :)

Here’s a recent manual for FMC:


Holy smokes! Faust Music creator is the first music program I ever used on a computer! I used to love that program and finding this thread reminds me of the days I’d always be on my dad’s pentium 75 and making my first little pieces in a tracker. I still remember how blown away I was when I first heard the demo songs in Faust. Iirc a couple of them were some iron Maiden covers that I never heard of but sounded amazing coming out of my dad’s machine. I’ll never forget when I showed my friend some of my tracks he told me it sounded like video game music and I was kind of disappointed because I didn’t realize it sounded that way, I guess because they were my first tracks they sounded so much more larger than life than they were lol