Favorite Studio Snacks

I’m pretty into Renoise and the small community here. We’re all human and have different opinions on the things we care about. So, what are some of your favorite snacks or beverages for late night/early morning tracking sessions?

Maybe we can demonstrate to a few of our recently quite active users that our beliefs are subjective but that we can find common ground in our palettes or new things to try?

I’ve recently expressed interest in pretzels to keep the finger powder away from my pattern editor, but I also like the occasional protein bar to keep my basslines healthy, and my guilty pleasure is diet cola when I need the cafeinne to keep track of all my modulation routings.

How about you all?

Don’t really eat whilst tracking, though I do sometimes chew my nails a bit.

Partial to coffee mostly.

Occasionally a Rum and coke. :badteeth:

4-5 litres of strong black sri-lankian tea here daily.
use it with hot chili candy lollipops for better results!

Popcorn & a large Arnold Palmer (that’s a mix of iced tea and lemonade).

I stopped putting butter on popcorn quite some time ago, and now have weened myself off adding salt. I make it in an air popper.

Before you eat too much, though, get acquainted with how it might effect your weight and blood sugar.

Likewise with the beverage. Lately I’ve been surprised at the rise of Type II diabetes and how easily one can screw up your blood sugar.

All the more reason to move your ass and dance.

I snack hats. At least I used to while tracking. I know, it is an unusual habit, but it keeps me going.

At least I would like to do more often, but my financial situation just keeps me from going on with it.

Once I was feeding on the surpreme stuff. You know, the thick felt with silk hatbands,

I kept the band for that delicious last rewarding slurp when I made some progress with the music.

Also as colorful they were, and each looked like it would taste different than the others,

giving shine to my musical style just as the smell of the ripping soft glue gave me the cleanest inspirations.

Now my situation has become worse. I simply can’t afford the top notch hats anymore.

Like it was a joy to put it on my head just before biting into the brim, but now

I have to watch for the special offers that never fit right, like they are often way too

small, so they sit on the very top of my head like a tiny cap, looking too silly in the mirror

to seem delicious and inspiring, and eating them after putting them on the foot taints

the taste in a very unpleasant way. Not to speak of 2nd hand hats, I’m through with those,

I has been disguisting and showed me that dignity needs contentment to be preserved.

So I sit here chewing on that cheap straw hat, and everything feels so dry and brittle,

and furthermore I’m in serious trouble, as my hair is going out, and I’ll soon have

no more hats left to cover the beginning baldness. Oh, shit. Life sucks.

At least I’ve no problemes with my blood sugar.

Trying to replace the hats with pushups now. At least twice a week.

Trying to replace the hats with pushups now. At least twice a week.

When you say pushups, do you mean exercise or women’s underwear? :stuck_out_tongue:

… a large Arnold Palmer (that’s a mix of iced tea and lemonade).


Damn good iced tea but it’s got to the be the “Zero” one. I’m in the same boat on the Type II thing and got to watch the daily carbs.