Favorites for render location (full version)

I’d like a favorites system (like disk browser) for the folder destination part in the render dialog :)

I was just thinking about this too :)
I think this feature is nice to have in Open\Save dialog as well

From what I remember there’s not a Same Location As Project File option either, which would also be appreciated. Just a little tickbox…

What would really be useful - in all load/save/export situations - is to type the path directly, ie. /usr/track/renoise/file.wav (enter) and there you go.

Of course there might be complications on windowz, as always, but… :confused:

/* EDIT */ for bonus points, TAB completion of directory/file names :D :D :D


+1, that would mos def be tha shit.
and yeah I just got angry again with the windows (7) default ‘folder select’ dialog which is apparently, at least on my sys, so covered in fail sauce… that’s why I posted this. Makes me almost wanna go back to linux just for the ability to save files, select folders etc in renoise in a consistent, semilogical way. (when I select a different folder, the dialog makes sure it scrolls to the exact point where the newly selected dir is at the bottom of the screen!!!)