Favourite Beers

2-Maredsous 10
3-Saint bernardus


Grew up with Carlsberg, a good beer for a normal day. Though any >4% alc. lager does good for me.

Germany and England got so many, wish I could live there and taste beer all year. :lol:

I drink Bud too, it has a funny smooth taste I crave for rarely. But outside US it’s far from worth the price tag.

I need a beer now. Thanks.

Some BECKS pancakes for me, please.


by the way, anyone dare’ing to post ‘fosters’ on this thread WILL have their renoise license taken off them :P

i don’t drink anymore,
but when i did,
i would drink:
Ace Hard Cider:

is my favorite of beer or well ‘really’ Cider. :)

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is good :)

Grolsch and for the big thirst Grolsch Kanon 11,6% alcohol

And for the gezelligheid a Beertender with Heineken:


We always put beer in our pannekoeken, no joke! Not that I eat them, pancakes suck.

Brooklyn Double Chocolate Stout. Unfortunately, it is seasonal :[

Carlsberg - great for when you run out of milk but still want pancakes!

I’m with Conner.

Until you’ve tried a Maudite or a Fin Du Monde, I don’t reckon you can say you know for sure what your favourite beer is.

Moral: it would be irresponsible not to sample every beer in the world before deciding.
Kaneel, if you can put me up in Brittany for a week, I’ll be happy to get one step closer.

You do realize only 2 of those beers are Czech right? :P

I do not claim to be a beer-sage of any prominence, but I officially strongly dislike cheaper/popular brands like Carlsberg, Grolsch, Corona, Budweiser, San Miguel etc. I find they usually have either little or no flavour, or an improper taste like of corn, metal or carbonation.

Standing in their own category are Carling, Fosters and most of the popular British brands that are simply put horrid, foul-tasting beverages of Satan’s pinky toe nail-clippings. Drowning in a vat of Carling’s would be right on top of my list over excruciating ways to die. :ph34r:

My preferred beers would be…

Pale lager: Pilsner Urquell
Dark lager: Staropramen dark
Bitter: Boddingtons
Porter: Black Boss

I f-f-f-forgot the b-b-b-best beer in the f-f-f- world.



Yes I dislike them, the’re sucking my will to live.