Favourite Colour






I won’t say anything, just go here :P.

so what? the image cannot be displayed :P

this is the most complicated question i’ve ever seen. better ask me about my favourite shape…

septagon! :unsure:

Dark soulish blue with a hint of evil.

Oh, and oval. With a needle on it!

click “English” and you’ll see…

this is one of the most ‘off-topic’ off topic threads i’ve seen.

you are off topic, mister Paradoxic <_<

How do you know that if the whole topic is off topic?

gee, i could get off topic in an off topic forum!!


this is starting to get mind boggling

Yellow! oh, or darkly glowing neon green… like, demon-eyes. Yah, that’s it…
:) (<<< good yellow)

Wonder what’s on topic on the off topic thread? :huh:

If you’re on topic - it’s off topic, since on an off topic forum being on topic means being off topic, I mean on topic is… DAMN!!! WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT??? :D

Watch it… You’re getting so off topic in this thread that you’re closer to on topic, if this becomes more on topic here in “off topic” I might have to moderate the thread! :blink:

… in darkness we trust … BLACK B)


Marlboro´s yellow