FAWM is here ! let me hear your tunes <3

who is taking the challenge ?

if you like post your tunes in this thread <3

day 1

day 2

day 3


What’s that?


as homepage says
“Write 14 songs in 28 days — Just because you can.”

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No thanks :rofl:

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I think that we Renoisers can do it waaay better!!
14 days for 28 songs if you ask me! :rofl: :rofl:

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i wrote my first tune today at 6am haha going to finish it tonight <3

and ill post here @dspasic @lilith

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Honestly, it’s possible if you keep the music quite simple. I wrote this and this on the same evening within 7,5 hours. And I literally started the second one immediately after finishing the first one. :slightly_smiling_face:
Of course you can’t develop the full potential this way. :wink:
But exactly THIS is why I love using trackers. You can produce fast and good.

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yeah i think its more about the exercise of seating and making a piece of music every day
the tunes people are posting in the site are extremely unpolished
most of the ones i listened so far
but there are probably some really nice pieces !!! for sure

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I managed to make 3-7 fully produced tracks daily back in high school… now I dedicate 10% of that time… meh…. and half of that 10% i use to decide which tools i’m going to use… xyz comp - why that, what does differentiate between various types, the end- result… why should i pick bitwig over renoise, over 32c… etc… nowadays for me - music-making is more of an issue than it contributes to me - as opposite in the past…

So “write 14 pretty uninspired tunes with same instrumentation in a way too short time, just to show all that you are a work machine and/or genius”

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that doesn’t imply that someone might approach the way as you’ve described - but in general - it is very likely…

It depends on person… if he is mentally unstable at some point for some reason - he might get such vast palette of ideas & structure etc… you wouldn’t even make a connection between the tunes… - talking from my own experience :rofl:

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Yeah, sorry for my post. I only doubt that 2 days per song lead to nice ideas and lot of inspiration. Would prefer to make a very good tune within a lot of time.

EDIT: Sorry @Land_of_Bits didn’t see your post, wasn’t meant personally in any way :sweat_smile:

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i cannot agree more with you - when speaking generally… do not get me wrong, no need to feel sorry. I just wanted to point out that it’s not impossible, it’s just what mostly people will do in order to satisfy the dependancy - to make xy tunes in xy timeframe… no matter of actual content… it can be philosophy but i’m as usual lazy to express myself fully :smiley:

for example, sometimes i make tunes to implement various techniques… be it production or arrangement-wise… they sound simple and not interesting, but the main goal of it - is satisfied, as an ‘practice’… but mostly people make tunes in that realm, while not thinking of it… aaand so on :DDD

this! quality over quantity anytime…

day 2
, that tune kicks ass, i love that style of drums (and overall energy… reminds me of rnb kick-back type of thing full of energy), totally my personal preference! :slight_smile:

my approach is simple !
its about generating musical ideas fast “not fully finished songs” at the end of the month i will have at least a samplepack a dozen patches and lots of ideas to reuse in better songs :slight_smile:

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I really like the snare of your first tune!

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