FB01 Owners ....

The FB01 editor I`ve been working on since -1624 BC is at a point where other people can use/understand it.

If you have an FB01 dm me `cos I would like some people to test it.

Heres where I was one year ago


no FB01 owners?!! What kind of a place is this…?

I own 2, but mostly use OS X for music. However, I do have an XP netbook. If your editor runs on XP, I might be able to test it, but not for the next little while.


Its dual format, give me a shout when your ready to have a look

Will do. Does it run under OS X 10.6.8? (Still refusing to update here!) Suddenly got busy with contract work, so can you remind me in a couple of weeks if i forget? Tx.

I’m an FB-01 user with OSX Yosamite.

I’m an FB-01 user with OSX Yosamite.

Good, I understand the first bit

Awesome! Can’t wait to OS X!!!