Feature Request: Create Instrument from Rewire device

I love using renoise for it’s mixing and tracking environment; but, I use Reason for sound creation. I’d love it if the create virtual instrument device that renders a bunch of different samples could work for Rewire devices like it does for VSTs. Would make my life so much easier. Shouldn’t be that hard to implement, right?

Thanks anyways! Such a great program!

I’ve yet to try this instrument creation feature, but I am about to test it out soon. I essentially see Renoise as an excellent quality and simple Sampler so I’d certainly bid for anything which made creating Instruments from external Rewired sources simple. I suppose it would have to play out over Rewire midi and then capture the Rewire Audio Input ?

Render from ReWire
Render From Input / Midi

I’m talking about using the “plugin grabber” that is under the File Menu. I can’t get it to work with Rewire devices. Only VSTs.

I think what vV means is to add to your request; as in, maybe the plugin grabber should be extended to general grabber (my wish was actually for samples, crazy enough, like sometimes I’ll have a crazy effects chain and I can’t keep the chain together with the e.g. chip sample)
But the case at hand here is more tricky maybe than it would seem, for ReWire stuff, because you would also need to select which ReWire port you want to sample from (as you’re free in Reason to decide which instrument/output goes to which ‘hardware’ output)